Call for papers

Introduction & Background

With the emergence of the information and communication age, the associated changes in the character of international business activity have been profound. Some of the features that characterize the new age include organizational decentralization, vertical disintegration and specialization, modularity, flexibility, accelerated knowledge creation, exchange and diffusion, increased technological complexity, inter-organizational collaboration and openness, various kinds of networks and new manufacturing technologies. Institutional settings have also evolved alongside the new wave of technological innovation, leading to changes across countries in the mechanisms responsible for cross-country standardization, intellectual property rights, and regulatory requirements.
The EIBA 2017 Milan conference is dedicated to exploring the new opportunities and challenges that these changes in the international economic, technological, and social environment are creating for actors such as established MNEs, SMEs, international new ventures, and global start-ups, as well as for developing countries.


Conference Tracks

We invite competitive and interactive papers, posters as well as panel proposals on any of the EIBA 2017 conference tracks listed below (detailed description of the tracks can be found in the EIBA 2017 Conference Tracks Description page). Competitive papers should be close to a publishable state, whilst interactive papers and posters may be in an earlier stage of development.

1. Internationalisation in the Information Age
Keith Brouthers and Bent Petersen

2. Knowledge Management and Innovation
Isabel Alvarez and Grazia Santangelo

3. International Business and Economic Geography
Simona Iammarino and Ram Mudambi

4. MNEs and Sustainable Development
Jonathan Doh and Elisa Giuliani

5. MNEs, Institutions and Policy
Ana Tavares-Lehmann and Sarianna Lundan

6. MNE Subsidiary Strategy, and Inter-Firm and Intra-Firm Business Networks
Ulf Andersson

7. MNE Organization and Strategy
Torben Pedersen

8. International Finance, Accounting and Corporate Governance
Igor Filatotchev and Jakob Müllner

9. International HRM and Cross Cultural Issues
Dana Minbaeva

10. International Marketing
Jorma Larimo

11. SMEs and International Entrepreneurship
Niina Nummela and Ivo Zander

12. Emerging Markets
Ilan Alon and Filip De Beule

13. Novel Ways of Teaching and Doing Research
Jens Gammelgaard and Rob van Tulder

14. International Business and Omnichannel Strategies (SIMA – Società Italiana di Management)
Charles Hofacker and Michela Matarazzo


Call for Competitive and Interactive Papers

All papers received by the submission deadline will be evaluated in a double-blind review process. The final accepted papers that are presented in the competitive and interactive sessions will be published in the EIBA 2017 proceedings. Detailed guidelines for the submission of conference papers are available on the following link.

Competitive (max. 10,000 words) and Interactive (max. 6,000 words) papers must be submitted via the EIBA 2017 Milan conference website to one of the conference tracks.

The submission deadline for competitive and interactive papers is Sunday, July 16th, 2017.


Call for Panel Proposals

We also welcome Panel proposals on contemporary issues within all areas of interest to IB scholars.

To submit a Panel for consideration, please upload your proposal (max. 1,000 words) via the conference website. Detailed guidelines for the submission of conference panel proposals are available on the following link.

The submission deadline for panel proposals is Sunday, July 16th, 2017.


Call for Posters

In addition, we welcome Posters to any of the conference tracks to be presented in a dedicated poster session. This session will be held during a dedicated plenary slot where no other conference activities take place and a large number of high-level academics are assigned to review posters in order to secure quality feedback.

To submit a Poster, please upload an extended abstract (max. 1,500 words) via the EIBA 2017 Milan conference website. Detailed guidelines for the submission of conference posters are available on the following link.

Participants who are selected to present their posters at the conference will receive a regular attendance mention in the conference booklet and are considered to be “active participants” at EIBA 2017 Milan.

The submission deadline for posters has been extended to Monday, September 11th, 2017.


Call for Reviewers

We invite volunteers to register as reviewers for the EIBA 2017 Milan conference. Reviewers can expect to be sent two to three manuscripts to review soon after the submission deadline for papers. All reviews should be completed by Monday, August 21st, 2017. The quality of academic meetings depends greatly on the invaluable input and presence of the reviewers of the papers – so we fully realize how dependent we are on our able volunteers in this regard. You will be able to register online as a reviewer for EIBA 2017 (details to be provided soon).


Other Activities at EIBA 2017

In addition to the regular conference program, a series of pre-conference events and other activities (some listed below) will take place.



For more information, visit the “Awards” section on

  • Danny Van Den Bulcke Best Paper Prize
  • EIBA Best Doctoral Thesis Proposal in IB Award
  • Copenhagen Business School Best Paper Prize
  • IBR Best Journal Paper of the Year Award
  • MRQ (Management Review Quarterly) Best Reviewer Award
  • EIBA Distinguished Honorary Fellowship Award
  • JIBE International Trade & Industrial Organization in International Business Prize NEW


Final Remarks

To contact the organizers, please send an email to: – the organizers will reply as soon as possible.
We look forward to welcoming you to EIBA 2017 in Milan!

Lucia Piscitello (Politecnico di Milano)
EIBA President & 2017 Conference Chair