Guidelines EIBA sessions

Please find below the information about the different types of sessions at EIBA 2017.


Competitive Paper presentations are held in sessions with three or four papers each.

This provides every author the opportunity to have 15/20 minute presentation and 5/10 minute discussion about their paper. The track chairs will decide whether the discussion take place directly after each presentation or jointly at the end of the session.

For presenting authors, please bring your presentation as a PowerPoint file to your session on a pen drive and upload it before the starting of the session. Please include a reasonable number of slides (roughly 10/15 slides).


Interactive Paper presentations are held in larger sessions (up to 7 papers).

The goal of these sessions is to encourage active discussion and development of early-stage work. Therefore, authors should limit their presentation to roughly 5-7 minutes and leave room for an equally long discussion.

NEW!!! Presenting Authors should prepare a short PowerPoint presentation (maximum 5 slides) to be used to provide an overview of the paper and to encourage the discussion.


Posters will be presented in a dedicated poster session. This session is designed to push early-stage work towards high-impact contributions.

Please make sure the poster you bring to Vienna fulfils the following criteria:
• Poster size is A0 (841×1189 mm)• All text on the poster is in English
• The poster is printed in portrait, not landscape format
• Print of title, authors, and affiliations is 3 cm, 2 cm, and 1 cm tall, respectively
• Poster contains contact information of the main author
• Poster is made from material that is easy to fix to poster board with magnets or push pins
• Please bring magnets to fix your poster to the poster walls
• All materials on the poster should be easily readable from more than 1 m away

For presentation of your project and discussion with viewers, it is helpful if you prepare a 5 minutes presentation and bring business cards as well as sketch paper, sticky notes, pens, and markers for discussion.


Panel sessions are designed to facilitate discussion between experts in the respective fields and the audience.

The chair of the Panel Session should take note of the following guidelines:
• Please make sure to collect and review all presentations before coming to EIBA, in order to ensure that all panelists get appropriate room for their remarks;
• Please allow at least 30 minutes for open Q&A
• The rooms at EIBA will be equipped with presentation equipment (computer, projector, white boards). Tables and chairs will be provided for 4-6 panel members. If you need more than that, please come to the assigned room at least 15 minutes early to arrange adaptations with local conference staff.